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5 Steps To Maintain A Clean Car In Ridgeland, MS

It's pretty stressful to get in your and see a big mess inside. But hey, we all have those moments when our vehicles get a little too dirty. But there are some easy steps to avoid this forever. The team here at Wilson Premier Hyundai is here to help.

It happens all the time here in Ridgeland. You're driving a few friends to dinner, and you open the door and there's empty bottles, receipts, clothes and a load of other loose items, and you have to say, "Sorry, my car is a mess right now."

"Oh no that's okay! No problem."

Here are some helpful reminders on how to avoid that exchange:

1) Don't eat in the car. Make this a habit, and suddenly the cups and fast food bags will stop flooding your vehicle.

2) Knock your shoes on the pavement before you get in the car. Most messes start with the feet. Your shoes drag a ton of dirt and rocks with it. Pretty soon the floorboards look like a Mississippi gravel road. Always make sure to wipe your feet on the ground a few times before you go anywhere. 

3) If you can, always park in the garage. Mother Nature likes to dump flower petals, weather elements and grime all over your vehicle. If you have access to a garage or some kind of cover, use it every single time. It'll also save you some trips to the car wash.

4) Keep a trash bag in the car. This will keep things from rolling under the seat or cluttering up your floorboards.

5) Take at least ONE thing out of the car every time you get out. You'll no longer have messes build up if you do this. 

Reminders are always good, and we enjoy offering them to our Ridgeland, Flowood, Jackson and other fellow Mississippi folks whenever we get the chance. Feel free to come check out our Hyundai vehicles, too. They're clean. We promise.

How Does Oil Travel Through Your Engine?

Have you ever wondered where oil goes when you're not watching? You can't watch it at all, really. The best you can do it plunge a dipstick into the oil pan and read off the level. It's rather impersonal.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here is in intimate, up-close look at what oil does on its journey through the engine.

Oil is the only thing keeping metal from contacting metal in many high-pressure areas, like the valve train. Oil must be subjected to intense pressure, and thus it is important that it holds its viscosity.

Oil also acts as a cleaning agent, removing any corrosive particulates or grime, which are removed when the oil passes through the oil filter.

Without oil, your engine would overheat and corrode quickly.

To keep your engine running like new, visit the service center at Wilson Premier Hyundai for an oil and filter change.

Bear Grylls Should Have Had His Vehicle Inspected

In this Discovery Channel video, Bear Grylls demonstrates what to do if you find yourself on a steep slope with no brakes.

Now, we're not going to say it isn't entertaining to watch Bear Grylls fighting for his life inside of an out-of-control vehicle. We won't even say it isn't potentially useful information to know how to react in a worst-case scenario like brake failure.

What we will say is, it would have been much easier if he'd gotten his brakes inspected first.

After all, while knowing how to survive the worst is vital when you are in a life-or-death situation, the wise avoid life-or-death scenarios where they are avoidable.

At Wilson Premier Hyundai, we offer brake inspection services, among a suite of maintenance and repairs that enhance the safety and performance of your Hyundai vehicle. So, before you ascend any tall mountains, we hope you'll make an appointment with our service center first.

You're better than Bear.

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